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Delivering Value Locally

Delivering Value Locally

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Wide Range Of Storage Tanks & Ancillaries

At Hamill, we know how important it is for you to have an appropriate place to safely store your oil. We also know that when the time comes you will need to replace your old tank with a new one. We supply a wide range of oil storage tanks from some of the leading oil tank manufacturers.

These include Single Skin Tanks which are Oil tanks for domestic use and also Bunded Oil Tanks which are Eco friendly oil tanks designed and built with protecting the environment in mind. These tanks have a second skin, which keeps in any spillages that may otherwise occur.

We also supply dispensing kits and pumps for fuelling vehicles from your tank.

Contact us today on 1800 303 070 and a member of the Hamill team can provide you with any further questions and assist you in choosing the correct storage tank for your fuelling needs.