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When you buy superclean heating oil, you are buying a quality assured product and a brand that you can trust. Our product and services are renowned for their high quality, reliability, and performance. Each delivery is metered in accordance with the national standards authority of Ireland (NSAI).

Benefits of Partnering With Us

  • Dedicated customer support team for your area
  • Next Day delivery
  • Simple, easy to use online ordering system
  • Trusted by thousands of customers nationally
  • Always competitively priced fuel

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I don't see my area in counties listed in the quote box?

If you don’t see your County in the list of Counties displayed in the Quote Box it means unfortunately Campus Oil do not deliver to your area.

How do I order home heating oil from the website?

With our simple quote system, it is very easy to do. Select the County where you live and the quantity of kerosene or gas oil you need. A quote will appear in the quote box. You can change the volume as often as you like to see what effect it has on the price quoted. Click “Order Now” to go to the order screen.

Does the home heating oil price quoted include VAT?

The price quoted for Kerosene oil and Gas oil is inclusive of VAT at the appropriate rate.

How will I know if the home oil has been delivered ?

After the driver has completed the delivery, he will leave a docket in your letterbox if you are not present for the delivery

If our driver can access your tank, we will deliver your oil and leave the ticket for you so we don’t require your presence.

What if I don't take the quantity of heating oil I order?

You will be charged according the price per litre may change depending on volume per our terms and conditions

When will my home heating oil delivery be made?

We will make every effort to meet your request.

Delivery for heating oil is normally within one to two working days but during our busy period and in cold weather conditions it may take longer.

If you require an urgent delivery, please let us known in the special instruction section on the order entry screen and we will endeavour to meet your requirements.

How secure is my payment for home heating oil?

We work with merchant banks to accept and authorize debit and credit card payments for heating oil.

All contact through to the website uses secure SSL type encryption and all credit card details are removed once processed.

We take great care to protect your information (especially your payment details) and use the most modern security technology to ensure your details are secure at all times throughout the process.

How can I pay for my home heating oil?

We  accept payment for home heating oil by Debit or Credit Card.

How much heating oil do I order?


Our minimum delivery is 200 litres.

Most domestic oil tanks range in size from 900 Litres to 1,400 Litres. The capacity of your tank may be indicated by a sticker on the tank. Our drivers will not overfill your tank and you will only be charged for the quantity which you receive.The unit price may vary if the delivered quantity is less than the ordered quantity. We would advise that you dip your tank prior to delivery.

What type of heating oil do I use?

If you have ordered from us in the past and have not changed your boiler, we will know what type of heating oil you use. We supply two types of heating oil. They are:

Kerosene Oil

Kerosene oil has a pink based colour. It burns cleanly, economically and is used in most modern boiler systems. It can be used on indoor boilers.

Gas Oil

Gas oil can only be used for heating systems with an out door burner. Gas Oil is used as home heating oil in a lot of older house burners. It is green in colour and can also be referred to as Marked Gas Oil. It can be used to run generators, fridge units on trucks, off road machinery and construction machinery. There may be a sticker on your tank indicating the product used. If you have a ticket from a previous delivery the product will be indicated there.

Do I need An account to order online?

No we are happy to take all new customers

Can I discuss the price?

The price advertised is for online orders only.

Can I have my delivery today?

If you need your order today you need to contact the office.

Can I choose a time slot?

No orders will be delivered in a timely fashion

Do I need to be present for delivery?

No one our driver can access the tank, deliver your oil and leave the ticket for you we do not require your presence.

Who do I contact if my order does not arrive?

Please contact the office details on the websites

How to give your driver private information (gate or alarm code)?

This information can be put in special instruction on the order.


The Hamill Oil Interest Free Monthly Payment Plan has been developed for Home Heating Oil customers and allows you to pay monthly by Direct Debit, spreading the cost of paying for your home heating over the full twelve months.

Our Monthly Payment Plan runs from 1st June to 31st May. You may join our plan at any time; your monthly payments will be spread equally to clear your account by the following May.


Commencement Deposit

If placing your order at the time of joining our plan, a deposit of €400.00 is required on your first delivery only. All future deliveries will be covered by our agreed monthly payments.

How Much Will I Pay Each Month?

We will recommend a minimum payment of €150.00. Your payment can be higher or lower depending on the level of your oil consumption.

Easy Payment

Please note that you can transfer a fixed amount from your own bank account to our bank account each month. When you are ready to order, whatever credit has accrued on your account will be deducted from the cost of your oil delivery with whatever balance remaining to be paid to the driver or by Laser / Visa Debit / Credit Card in advance.

Payment Date

Payments are debited from your current account on the 6th or 20th of each month. You select the date option.

Quaterly Statements

You will receive a statement of your account every three months. If your monthly payment needs to be adjusted, you will be advised in writing in advance of any proposed change.

Clearing Your Balance

Any debit balance on your Interest Free Monthly Payment Plan must be cleared by your last payment in May. If you have a Credit Balance on your account it will be refunded to you on request.

Your Monthly Payment automatically continues in June to pay for your oil purchases for the following year.

Klass Oil Budget Plan Account Benefits

No more large heating oil bills. The cost of heating your home is spread throughout the year.

Our services include the supply of Home Heating Oil, Agricultural Fuels, Commercial Fuels, Solid Fuels and Oil Tanks to domestic and commercial customers. We can guarantee next day delivery of your heating oil, however, in adverse weather conditions, delivery may take longer | HamillOil
Our services include the supply of Home Heating Oil, Agricultural Fuels, Commercial Fuels, Solid Fuels and Oil Tanks to domestic and commercial customers. We can guarantee next day delivery of your heating oil, however, in adverse weather conditions, delivery may take longer | HamillOil


Hamill Oil supplies oil for a range of oil-fired cookers, we understand how important your Aga Cooker is in your home and we know that great care needs to be taken in the course of the delivery of kerosene for your cooker. This is particularly important in the case of Aga Cookers where minimal contamination can cause the cooker to significantly underperform and eventually choke with soot.

It is essential that the oil delivery driver eliminates any possibility of product contamination by clearing his delivery hose. In the course of driver training at Hamill Oil, all drivers are trained to ensure that their delivery hose is free of any product contamination (product contamination can occur if a driver was delivering any product other than kerosene immediately prior to making a delivery of kerosene).

If a customer informs our sales office that they use kerosene for a cooker and state the name of the cooker, this information is transferred to the driver’s delivery docket thereby informing him of the importance of clearing his delivery line prior to making a delivery to any customer that requires kerosene for their cooker.

As a result of this policy, many heating engineers who specialize in servicing cookers recommend customers to order their kerosene requirements from Klass Oil.